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Herb Health Benefits


TerraVita Health Products - Herb Health Benefits

TerraVita is an exclusive brand of high-quality, natural products using the purest ingredients. TerraVita's mandate is to manufacture products using the highest standards of potency, purity, freshness and stability. All TerraVita products are manufactured using optimum quality control, from the procurement of raw materials, through the entire manufacturing process, and right up to the moment that each customer opens the bag or bottle containing the final fresh product. Our impossibly high standards are verified by independent laboratories and backed by our personal guarantee.

TerraVita believes in the manufacture of products that supplement your family's health without the harmful side effects of prescription medications or chemicals. Our products are reliable and affordable, and we are constantly searching for new ways we can serve you and your family. TerraVita is a trusted household name for millions of families. TerraVita can bring you and your family the very best in herbal supplements and teas that are available today.

TerraVita is packed in childproof, tamper-proof pharmaceutical-grade recyclable containers.

ZooScape is the exclusive world-wide distributor of all TerraVita products, including teas, capsules, powder and liquid extracts. If your store is interested in carrying the TerraVita line, please contact us at 610-969-8721.